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Yes, the program of study includes the required courses of your program at the time of admission to Grand Canyon University and is specific to the Catalog year in which you were accepted to the university.
Once you have completed the online application you will need to fax any required paperwork that requires a signature to your enrollment counselor.
Grand Canyon University has made the application process as convenient and easy as possible by offering the ability to provide an electronic signature for most required documents, however, federal, state, and university regulations require that some documents have a "wet signature".
Not every applicant will need to complete and fax each of the forms below, since the application process is specific for each applicant.  The following are forms that require a “wet signature” if any of the documents include:
  • Transcript Request Form
  • Certified Teaching Experience Verification Form
  • Direct Bill Voucher
Yes, both methods are required.  If your first method will cover all anticipated expenses you may choose "none" as the second method of payment.
Per HEA §484(d), 34 CFR 668.32(e), students are allowed to self-certify that they received a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate.  If students self-certify, they will not be required to submit a copy of their high school diploma/transcripts to Grand Canyon University, unless specifically required to do so.  Students who self-certify will be Accepted with Specifications.
A few troubleshooting steps that should enable you to log in to review and sign your child’s application:
  • Clear your Cache and Cookies
  • Ensure you are logging in to the application from a different browser than the one your child used.
The GCU Student application accepts an Electronic Signature. The pages will all be signed at the end of the application process using an Electronic Signature. You are not required to print and hand sign these documents, they will all be completed when you complete the E-Signature. Make sure you consent to the use of E-Signature.
The information on the application has all been completed by your child. Any changes you make will update the application. The application must be your child’s information, so please make sure that you do not overwrite any of the information using your own.